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Thread: Interesting Collection

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    Interesting Collection

    This illustrates one of my pet frustrations with online art, I can't zoom in to the level of detail necessary to see what the artist actually did. Nevertheless, there is a lot to be learned here.

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    enjoyed the link Doc, thanks for sharing that one. I really enjoyed the looking at this collection this morning.
    amazing how people put these collections together of just the 100 greatest paintings in their mind I think Klimt shows up more times than Van Gogh. many missing.
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    Nice list Doc. I agree with screenpainter though more than those who compiled the list.

    It's a good compilation of some outstanding paintings, but it is most definitely based on the tastes and experience of the one who made the list. Hieronymus Bosch as number one of all time? This seems to have been compiled by someone male who was probably into heavy metal and such.

    These "greatest" lists are probably always absurd. It's become the rage to put videos on Youtube entitled "The Greatest Solo" or whatever. Probably designed to get lots of viewers.

    And you're right. Viewing online loses a lot.

    But it's always fun to look. And it beats never seeing the images.

    Thanks for the visit to those paintings.
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    Thanks for the link Doc, I really enjoyed seeing all those paintings together
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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