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Thread: Bon Voyage Thomas Kinkaide

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    Bon Voyage Thomas Kinkaide

    I can scarcely believe it. . . that he was younger than me and that he has passed away at 54. Not my favorite style, but he made an impact. Plus I felt like he was a real contemporary for various reasons. So I feel this loss in a certain way.

    God bless. I especially liked this line from the article about an entry from someone on Kinkaide's Twitter page:

    “Rest in peace, Thomas Kinkade. May your afterlife be as beautiful as your art,” one person wrote.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Good grief, these guys and gals are dropping like flies.
    Moebius, McQuarry and now this chappie. Not paticulalry to my taste either but if the one in twenty people have liked it in the past then who am I to disagree?

    It's a good job I don't buy into paranoia.

    Who said that?
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    Always enjoyed the serenity in his paintings.
    Way too early to be leaving us.
    Rest In Peace.
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    4,522 of my favorite contemporary artists....

    The news article says he travelled in a boxcar while young with fellow artist James Gurney to sketch the American landscape....

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    Funny there's a Kinkade shop just down the road from us and one painting (or print) in the window caught my eye yesterday because I actually liked it! It wasn't his usual sickly sweet style, but appeared to be a plein air painting of a Baroque church - looked to me like a Spanish or South American street scene.
    OK, I didn't like his style but I wish I had his abilities. RIP

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