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Thread: a stamper tool

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    a stamper tool

    you load a vector made image or a sticker or a stencil into the stamp tool and each click or tap makes a stamp... like scrap booking. or like vector programs like illustrator where one click can make a star or circle and keep repeating as a brush.
    this would also work well for adding textures to an art piece.

    there would be three settings... one for size one for opacity and one for rotation.
    simple, but very cool addition. a throwback to the nineties kids' art programs ?... yes, but I could see some very useful modern adaptations. and it would also make filling in patterns really easy for more graphic elements in art pieces.
    I know that you can do this with the sticker spray using one click method and slowing down the spray rate, but the simpler controls of a stamper tool would replace the spray variation which is kind of complicated at the moment. and of course it would be easier to load an image than going through a complicated sticker making process. also the click of the stamper would prevent more than one object being sprayed at a time.
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