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Thread: Turner burning ...

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    I just tried this out, and it worked.... somewhat.

    I layed down various colors of chalk, but then I began to think-- well, when I lay down watercolors, I'm going to need to pick a color and a wetness. What are you using? Because the wetness, opacity, and color of the watercolors was giving me wildly different effects,but all of them relatively "smooth" texturally. Comparatively, you've still got some texture left in the painting in your first post.

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    My approach is not to think about color, or line, or form as I paint ... I envision the final effects before I start, so whatever I begin with then is amplified everywhere in the final work ...

    The color sampler helps create an echoing effect, I hardly ever introduce new colors after the initial idea is set down ... The rest is modulation -- often I switch between wet and dry strokes, and wet and dry paper modes, I don't keep track of these ...

    If I cannot reproduce what I see in my mind, I stop ...
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