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    Can type be added to images using ArtRage

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    Depends on the version of ArtRage you're using. ArtRage Studio Pro has a text tool, that allows you to type out text using the fonts on your computer, and gives some choices of how to present it (Bold, Italic, etc). You can see the settings it has in the attached screen shot.

    If you're using one of the other ArtRage programs, you can use Stencils to add text. You just need the font's saved as a black and white image (the text should be pure black, the background pure white). Watch this video for more about this. You could also use MS Paint to create the text, then import it as a stencil. Or just open the final ArtRage image, in MS Paint, and add the text there.
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    i used AR3 to do the same in the video and its works well
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