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Thread: Please critique these portraits!

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    Please critique these portraits!

    Hello! This is my first time posting on the Forums. For the most part, I'm a traditional artist, and most digital programs, though robust, never truly gave me the same feeling as actual painting. ArtRage changes all of that. Though not perfect (#letmehavemyphotoshopbrushes), it's simple, intuitive, and really gives the feeling of painting on canvas. These are a couple of portraits I've done recently, and I would love some feedback on these. Don't be gentle, I can take it if need be. Thanks in advance!
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    Love the poses and the brush work. They are all wonderfully full of life. I know you are wanting constructive criticism, but the only thing I could find that bothers me is the last portraits nose and upper lip highlights which seems to distract from the face itself and is flattening that section of the face.

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    Hi there,welcome to ArtRage and the forums, for criticism you are better off posting here

    Gallery is more for showing off your work.
    Looks to me you are very talented and getting to grips with the program nicely.Keep up the great work!

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    Oh snaps! I'm so brand new I didn't even see the critique gallery! Sorry.

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  6. If I really have to critique I'd say that the whites of eyes on the girl in the third picture look unnaturally white, but other than that they're great

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    I criticize here. I don't go to the other sections, though there is a crit/work in progress section. But that's just me. So here you go:

    They're nice so far as it goes.

    I think they're obviously reliant on a camera which has left a camera imprint all over them. This is fine if it's what you want (ie. to reproduce lens effects in a sort of hand done look). The three of them have information that is there in the original I have no doubt, but they are bordering caricature as a result of quick marks that exaggerate stuff like beard stubble and big ol' eyes and so on. The palettes are somewhat popping and staggered (not a lot of blended transitions).

    The first one seems to have been sort of blown out by the flash (?) The mid values are kind of lost thus giving your marks of the beard and lashes and so forth a rather self-conscious quality. It's not bad. But it's really specifically and clearly and "notice me" in your face. . . or on his. But again, it's not bad because it makes sense in a rational way that it is there.

    It's a similar thing with the black girl. You have really popped on the flashbulb effect down the middle of her face. It's camera lens point of view, and one with a certain amount of wide angle or even fish eye to it. Again, not a problem if that is the look you're after.

    The middle one has a lot of info and it is almost as if it has a paint-by-numbers quality in that the pools of paint are rather hard edged and you're using the size of the pools to represent a change in values as it transitions. It's not particularly subtle. But that may be what you want, although in this one particularly it has a little bit of an uncertainty and slightly overworked quality as if you kept making marks until it got roughly where you wanted it.

    Not all paintings have to look seamless and smooth and so on. There's a lot of cool stuff happening here. But if you are zeroing in on a style to pursue, I would recommend looking at the best quality of each and working that up into a style. Ask yourself what you like about it, and what doesn't work (based on your own evaluation based on what you are after).

    People have made careers out of this kind of work (kinda sorta, were it developed a little). So work it to where it looks unmistakably possessing an overall level of quality and voice.

    How many voices are there of singer's in the world. There's room for all of them if they're good. What your direction is can only be determined by you unless you're working for someone where you have to try to get the look of the group or something.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    I would just repeat what I said in the other section.
    Hard to find anything deserving criticism, though constructive. They're so fresh, spontaneous and masterfully executed that I'm sure find a quite broad appreciation both by the subjects and by the observers.
    Congratulations and welcome!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    I'm just blown away by the emotion that comes thru in these pieces. Great job!
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    Welcome! You do good work and obviously know to paint. I agree with much of what D Akey has said about them. One strives to not make them like a photo if they indeed are. But I was really taken with them and they remind me of a Gouache-like style. The middle one has a little too busy a background for me and perhaps the colors could be subdued a bit and that would help but then again it may be fine as is.
    All very well done!
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