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Thread: Smoking Madam!!! oh dear me

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    Smoking Madam!!! oh dear me

    As it was our budget today and they put up AGAIN the pack of cigerettes which I USED to buy (stopping smoking here hmmmmmmm) I thought this was a little apt and hope you enjoy it
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    This is a less daring follow on of Ginger and Fred style with less movement, but a considerably intriguing passionate mood. Great!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    I am loving that style. I think you may have hit on something there. I guess it could be the twenties. It reminds me of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Or almost an art deco thing. That is the feeling I get from it. I like it a lot. however, it could also be a cigarette ad out of a magazine from the forties or fifties.
    any way, I love it. It is wonderful graphic design to me.

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    Great painting dear Katie I like this style very much.
    Stopping smoking?! I should do.....
    Silvia Bandini

    Sorry for my english...
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    HI Katie Katie Coops as norm great we both know that the only
    Way to give up smoking is to stop when you do stop you will be amazed at the time you've got so take up mountain climing to fill that extra
    time and it doesn't kill you unless you slip another plus is its cheaper than
    smoking that way you can put your finger's up to the Budget and ok

    ..............Have a nice evening SLAINTE

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    Where there's smoke there's fire. So don't even try to stop smoking... Cease fire!

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    katie.. a wonderful rich image and I like the little textural touchs like the front edge of her dress, the reds and salmons and blacks... the more angular edges in parts... this is really cool...

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    Wonderfully done Katie! I stopped smoking 10 or 12 years ago. Eighty is correct. There's only one way to stop, and that's "stop".
    I carried an open pack in my shirt pocket for 6 weeks. Takes away the anxiety, because you know you can have one anytime you want, you just choose not to. I'd tell myself I can wait another minute.. another 5 minutes,etc. I've never touched another one since.
    I won't wish you good luck, because luck has nothing to do with it. If you are determined that nothing in this world will make you smoke again, you won't.
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    Great painting Katie!!!
    One of my dearest friends quit cold turkey.
    My grandfather quit cold turkey.
    My father in law quit cold turkey.
    My husband quit cold turkey.
    All of these people are successful, and didn't touch one again. They all say that there is only one way to stop and that is stop.
    My sister did as well recently when I told her she can either keep these people who put these addictive and dangerous chemicals in the cigarettes in mansions and living a good life and throw away her health and money, or she can take the money that they charge for those things and take one heck of a vacation.

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    Great style Katie, very beautiful !!

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