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Thread: Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Stroke Delay

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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Stroke Delay

    I was wondering if there's any plans for support of Windows 8. I'm running 3.5.4. Studio Pro, and I'm noticing delay between initializing stokes on my tablet. I don't believe this happened in Windows 7 though. Will there be support for Windows 8?

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    We haven't noticed any delay in our own Win8 testing (though we haven't tried the latest consumer preview yet) but we will definitely be supporting the operating system.

    This kind of problem usually relates to tablet settings in the OS. Turning on Flicks in particular can cause delays as the system watches for gestures before passing off control to the local application. There may also be interactions between your tablet drivers and the new OS that are causing the problem so it's hard for us to say what might be happening.

    I would suggest trying this if you are using an external tablet: Turn off Use Wintab in the Preferences Input pane, making sure Use Ink Services is turned on, then restarting the app and seeing if that helps. If it doesn't, try switching Wintab on and Ink Services off (this switches which driver will be providing the input) and see if that helps.

    If it doesn't, make sure Flicks are turned off in your OS pen settings, and see if that helps.

    We will be testing with a range of hardware, but at the moment as drivers will be in flux it's difficult to say what might be causing the issue.
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    Thanks Matt. It does seem like a driver problem. I understand with the current situation of Windows 8, that drivers are pretty much not finalized, but again this is just to test things out and see what works and what doesn't I would suppose. From what I can tell so far, Wacom doesn't really have a compatible driver out for the HP tm2.

    When I install a Wacom driver (they all have some sort of bug in them that prevents me from using it regularly), the stroke delay disappears. So this delay that I am noticing occurs only when I'm using drivers provided by a stock Windows 8 (literally a clean install of Windows 8). I did encounter this before on an older TabletPC, where the art program I was using (I think Photoshop at the time), would have stroke delays, and this was attributed to the "Hold to right click" setting for Pens. Disabling this along with flicks as you mentioned generally fixed this.

    However, this doesn't seem to be the case with 3.5.4 Studio Pro. Disabling "hold to right click" kills any tablet interaction with any of the setting panels (I cannot interact with any setting or menu panels literally). Canvas wise, I still do get pressure and am able to draw, but there is that millisecond of delay that is noticeable when doing quick short strokes.

    I thought I would just share this with you, fully knowing that Windows 8 isn't finalized.

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