ArtRage for iPad 1.4 has just been released to the iTunes App Store and should start appearing shortly in your updates. The 1.4 release updates the ArtRage interface to support Retina display iPads at full resolution, and resolves some issues that appeared in the 1.3.2 build.

iOS 3 Note: ArtRage for iPad 1.4 works on iOS 4 or later. Due to a problem uploading the original 1.3.2 update, some iOS3 users may have been able to download it and found that it did not work. We are currently testing potential fixes that will allow us to do a final update for iOS3 to resolve it, after which time we will unfortunately be dropping iOS3 support.


- Added full resolution interface for Retina iPad users, everything should be crisp and clear now.

- Fixed a problem that caused text entry boxes to have black text against a dark background when entering percentage values for sliders.

- Fixed a problem that could prevent cancellation of an attempt to link to a dropbox account when uploading to dropbox.

- Adjusted help system buttons to allow dynamic sizing to fit contents when localized strings were too long to fit their original length.

- Prevented downloads on iOS3 while we work on a final iOS3 compatible build.