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    Question Quetion!

    Hola! i have a general questions when you want to print in canvas and you one to go to bigger size like 40" by 60" do you set the canvas in the beginning were it said "print size" and then you do the painting. Anyone with experiences can you please help. My mother In law likes one of my paintings and she want to print it out it a big canvas is this possible?? Thanks!

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    This is a generic answer that will apply to almost all types of image files.

    Basically you need to set your image to the size you want to print and then paint.

    If you start an image smaller and later increase the size, the software you are editing in will need to "create" the difference in image size. The larger the size difference the more chance for "jaggies" and poor translation. Basically you are just stretching your small image to fit your increased canvas size.

    Some programs work better than others at "stretching" but it is always a best practice to start big and "shrink" it, then try to enlarge it.

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