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Thread: Write with pen

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    Write with pen

    I want to write like I'm using a pen on my Mac.
    Since there is no pen tool, I chose the pencil tool.
    The "Testing" word (as you can see in the image) is perfect. But the dots are shown grey, not black.
    I can blacken them only by creating a tiny circle with my Bamboo pen.
    Is there any setting so I can create a black dot by touching ONLY ONCE my tablet with the Bamboo pen?
    Thank you.

    ArtRage 2.6.0
    Mac OS X v10.7.3
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    In ArtRage, a pencil line on your canvas won't be fully black with a single stroke, we simulate a pencil so that media gets darker when you go over the same line.

    You could try the felt pen with the 'art pen' setting turned on, or a small oil brush with the default settings as these types of media are more opaque in appearance.

    Alternatively, in ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro, we added a pen tool which includes optional settings for line smoothing, aspect and automatic tapering and lays down fully opaque colour. You can try it out by downloading the demo from if that sounds useful to you.
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