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Thread: How High Can You Stack Them

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    How High Can You Stack Them

    I was trying to make a signature....
    Ink-duplication-move-magic wand-knife...

    Anyway...I just thought I would pass this on.

    Crazy colors...but I wanted to use different shades to show the layers.
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    Sandy, a great signature, love the stacks and shapes of the colours

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    This is mind blowing! Just nice colors in a stack. The big question is, how did you achieve this reaction, if it was the result of an action you did, and accidentally came up with this????? I can purposely make this happen in XARA but not in AR. Would love to know Lou
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    A great way to do a signature very beautiful and unique just like you
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    Nice! Amazing 3D effect for your sig,well done!

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    Really nice effect
    Silvia Bandini

    Sorry for my english...
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    You can really create the weirdest and most intriguing images!
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    It looks encrypted.

    Doesn't read all that well, but it would be hard to forge. But people might see it an recognize it like a branding symbol. If this were being printed with a picture, especially if it were reduced it would be nearly impossible to read.

    Nice idea, but not sure this one has legs. Could you try perhaps from a different tilt to feature the front pass more? Or. . .?

    I do like the idea of a fabric ribbon though.
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    You never cease to amaze me Sandy, this is another great work well done
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    having fun with the pen

    Thank you dear Jean!
    S5T, it is so easy you will laugh. Thanks so much!
    Amanda, you are a know that? Thank you!
    Thanks a bunch dear Scott.
    It was fun dear Silvy, thank you!
    Maybe it is because I am weird dear Cesarecan't help myself sometimes.
    Thank you dear D Akey. I made one for you so that you could see how versatile and simple it is. I am so sorry though, because now you will be making one and going at different angles....and it is a long way down the rabbit hole.
    Thank you dear Katie!

    Once you make the letters or choose a font-you duplicate.
    Then go to the top bar and click edit.
    Go down to adjust layer colors.
    When satisfied with color you will then move it in the direction
    you prefer just as long as you keep connected as a shadow.
    You can make four colors and then merge them and then duplicate, or you can make as many as you like and stack as high as you can fit on the page.
    When you make your first letter or word-transform to the bottom side so that you can go in the direction you want-left-right-up-or down.

    Anyway, I hope this was helpful. The sky is the limit as well.
    You can close the eye on the layers, and on one work on it with the magic wand-once everything is outlined you can use different stamps, textures, knife paintings...whatever-and then you click your wand again on the outside of your canvas to get out.

    I would love to see what you can make.
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