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Thread: Wuff!

  1. Wuff!

    Did a speedpaint (the one I didn't post in my speedpaint thread), and while I was waiting for permission to post it places I just carried on messing with it. Here it is after 6 hours (the original speedpaint was 65 minutes, I'll post it and progression pictures if anyone wants).

    Link to the source photo HERE
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    yes, I want! I would love to see your wip progression on this one.
    that is really phenomenal work. perfect. great painting of the light and great detail. masterful work. I love it when the painting brings more joy and delight than the photo ever could. you accomplished that. and it was a great photo to begin with.

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    Yes pls! The final outcome is so extraordinary, to the least detail!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    This is awesome work, I am absolutely stunned by it and your talent
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    every day you see here fabulous artist presenting there art work......this is one of them

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    Wow...really nice.

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    Phenomenal ! Pls post wip!

  10. Sorry for the late reply - it's been a busy day

    Thank you all so much for the kind words, it means a lot. I'm still learning this whole art thing again (as some of you know), and I feel this is my best work thus far, so it makes me very glad that others feel the same way. Now I need to do another finished piece soon to prove to myself this one is not a fluke

    Now for the step by step. This one was unusual because it started as a speedpaint as I said, but also that I saved progress of the speedpaint (usually I only save them when I'm finished), and then I took that "finished" picture and polished it. The method seems to work out well, I may make it standard practice.

    1, 2 and 3 - These were the stages of the speedpaint, with the final piece. I wasn't happy with it, although I rather liked the mood of it I didn't like the actual aspect of the dog. I felt it looked more Chihuahua than Bulldog, so while I waited for permission to post the piece around the web I started painting over the bits I wasn't happy with.

    4 & 5 - Originally I was just going to fix the eye as I was very unhappy with that, but with it fixed (and the area around it more detailed) I felt the nose could do with some rework as it was too large.

    6 & 7 - Once I had done the nose I felt the rest of it had to be done too. I was finding my eye drawn to the detailed dog's eye, and felt that "fading" the detail across the piece would preserve that aspect of it, and so further down the dog it becomes less rendered and more rough (this also meant I didn't need to paint fur on the whole dog, which I'm thankful for). The ear was especially challenging, as was the balance of light and dark on the back of the Dog's neck. I'm still not sure I got that quite right.

    Final Piece - After that I just needed to paint in the more detailed hairs, which I did with the Ink pen (the rest was done using the oil paint tool and a square brush with a little blending from the palette knife). Finally I decided I wasn't happy with the background;There wasn't much wrong with it, but I was bored with it by this point, so I made the colours more subdued and added some "drips" to it for interest, and touched up some of the highlights with the airbrush to make them bluer in tone and make them pop a little more. That's really all there was too it.

    I usually do a full write up of each piece on my blog, I'll probably get to writing about this fella on the weekend.

    Thanks again!
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