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Thread: Just upgraded to Artrage Studio Pro, from 2.6.. *Bleh!*

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    Just upgraded to Artrage Studio Pro, from 2.6.. *Bleh!*

    I was going to wait until I finished my big piece, but I just couldn't resist...

    Now I'm afraid I don't like the interface, (color picker especially), and it feels like the tools work differently than I was used to.....

    ... I booted up Artrage 2.6 and now I feel like artrage 3 may have rewritten configure files in that program too.... Or am I just crazy???

    Something that may or may not have been this way before is that the palette knife doesn't seem to be pressure sensitive... It has a pressure gauge, but even when I drag it all the way to 0, it seems to put the exact same pressure as you get from 100 percent.. it's dragging paint all over the place, and I just want a weak, light pull..

    The paint brush doesn't seem to interact with the rest of the paint as readily either.... It isn't mixing immediately like before....

    I liked the simplicity before. I want more zoom tool back on the interface.. I want my old color picker.... I want the look of simplicity... and I want that funny cat guy back who hides behind the layers!!

    Now, I can probably adjust,but I was wondering if there are ways to customize artrage 3 to look and feel more like artrage 2, as much as possible. I don't feel comfortable in this new environment... While it does let me brush around large files without lag, just having the program open seems to lag the rest of my computer, like music for example.

    I'm not very technical... if anyone has any tips, customization suggestions, or advice, I'd love to hear them.. Also, any other thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks guys! I'll probably be posting some of my work and hope to get closer to the ocmmunity.. I want to know art rage much better than I do, and I have some art project ideas that I want to get off the ground within this program... I want to eliminate photoshop from the lineup...

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    Welcome to the forums Polioliolio.
    You'll be happy to know that the cat guy (Tycho) still makes an appearance in the layer palette now and then.

    Now onto the laundry list :-
    The palette knife is definitely still pressure sensitive.

    The problem you're having with the palette knife and with the paint mixing seem to suggest that your wacom pen options may be adversely affecting the software. It's worth checking:-

    Open up the wacom tablet properties dialog and check that the pen 'Tip Feel' is in the middle and then try out the knife again. Only ever adjust this setting while constantly testing in your target software (in this case Artrage), even then only do minor tweaks... if this is set at the extreme hard or soft setting it can cause problems with tools in all art/graphic software.

    Name:  pen_settings.png
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    If this isn't the issue then its well worth asking in the technical thread as there's something wrong and the Ambient team are very helpful at sorting out these headaches.

    I can't quite remember back to what the AR2.6 colour dialog looked like but honestly don't recall it being that radically different. In Studio Pro there are 7 different colour pickers to choose from. Click on the plain colour swatch to select the different alternatives from the menu. Hopefully there's one you can live with.

    Name:  colourpickers.png
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    You wont be able to customise version 3 to replicate version 2 as parts of the interface such as pods can only be minimized but not removed.

    Artrage offers a lot of different ways to zoom:-
    a) Use the buttons on the menu bar or the numeric entry for an exact level of zoom.

    Name:  menu.png
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    b) Use the 'hocky puck' click on the zoom area and drag up and down.

    Name:  puck.png
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    c) Open up the preferences and under 'Input Device' turn off 'Ctrl + Mousewheel = Zoom. This will allow you to use a mousewheel as your zoom as it worked in 2.6.

    Name:  preferences.png
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    d) Set up your tablet 'touch strips' to handle zoom. (let me know if you want help in doing this and i'll address it in another post).

    With regards to program lag, its hard to say without knowing the specifics of your system.
    Some general things you can do to improve performance:-

    -Try not to fill the program up with user created resources, these will all need to load in order to use them and can slow things down as they load in.
    -Try not to multi-task with other software at the same time as RAM will be split between AR and whatever else you're running. Try to play your music on an ipod or such if you can.
    -Make sure you have a LOT of empty HDD space available to artrage as it does use a lot of scratch disk space.
    -Ensure you dont have a lot of memory resident applications running, as again these will steal valuable system resources. These are the little applications that start up when your system boots, some are necessary, many are not.
    -If on windows it would also be worth checking if your hard drive needs a defrag.

    If it continues to be an issue be sure to post in technical with your exact system specs.

    Hopefully things will be sorted for you both UI and performance wise soon so that you can find happiness with the new version
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    EDIT: Thanks for the handy tips Juz, you beat me to it!

    The ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro colour picker has all the modes of the ArtRage 2 colour picker, the difference being that the vertical bar at the right has been replaced by an arc around the picker which is easier to click due to its larger size. If you prefer the HS/L picker that ArtRage 2 uses by default, click on the current colour at the bottom right and select that from the menu.

    ArtRage 2 and Studio Pro don't share a settings file ( they use different files in different locations ) so Studio Pro cannot change any of your ArtRage 2 settings.

    The palette knife supports pressure in Studio Pro as in ArtRage 2. In Studio Pro you can load your palette knife with paint unlike in 2. Check that you don't have 'loading' at any value above 0% in the settings panel.

    I'm not sure what the problem is you're having with the paint brush, please let us know what your paint brush settings are, and what you're seeing in both versions as well as what you're trying to achieve.

    Check that you have pressure support in ArtRage Studio Pro in case this is affecting your results. It's possible that you need to change tablet input settings in preferences depending on your setup. Verify you have pressure support by selecting the oil brush, opening settings and clicking on 'reset', then making a stroke on your canvas and varying the pressure. If the stroke doesn't respond to pressure, let us know and we can help.

    Studio Pro has a wider range of zoom options than 2. You can open the canvas positioner ( the easel in the top menu bar ) and drag up and down on the magnifying glass to zoom, you can click the plus and minus buttons in the top toolbar or you can use the keyboard shortcuts ( check the manual for the default shortcuts, these are also customiseable in Studio pro ).

    Tycho the cat still hides behind the layers in Studio Pro, he'll appear from time to time when you drag layers up and down the layer stack.

    ArtRage doesn't take up a lot of processing power just by leaving it open, it idles when you're not actively painting basically, so if you're seeing slowdown just by launching that application, that's very unusual and I'd recommend sending a support request via our support page at with the details of what you're seeing so that I can do some troubleshooting more directly with you via email.

    Likewise, if the information above doesn't help and you're still having problems, feel free to contact me. When contacting us for technical support please include:

    - A detailed description of the problem/s
    - What operating system you're using
    - What sort of computer you're using. If you're having performance problems it's useful for us to know how much memory you have and what processor you're using, but if you're not sure how to check, don't worry, I can give you some help with that when I email you back.
    - What you're trying to do. If you're having a problem with a tool, let us know what tool settings you're using and what you're trying to achieve

    Moving this to the technical support forum.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the fast and helpful replies!

    I'm probably just paranoid.. I was using 2.6 recently just fine, but having ran 3.5.4,I just became worried and confused.

    My tablet's pressure sensitivity seems to be working fine, as brush strokes can vary in diameter between large and very tiny .. it just seemed like the paint was going on heavier.

    But, I actually did increase the pressure needed a while back because the paint had too much height on it. Now it doesn't have so much texture... I like texture, but I'm not fond of seeing the paint like that. I'll probably play with it a bit though..... Hm, could it have anything to do with the paint already having been down since the last time I saved? Is there something that prevents new strokes from interacting with old paint other than quick dry?

    About the palette knife, I think I just learned something.... 4e01f1&t=4f59f7fa&o=9F61426A5CE6EFCF9D13D1421A15BA 8CCA7C466B5BFFBC818212BE045A5EA6F5E06143765CE6&n=U ntitled-1.jpg&i=1

    I thought it would be opposite of this... that applying full pressure would drag the paint around for a mile, where applying very small pressure would barely move it.


    About the color picker, what I really liked was how it came to a point at the bottom right. I could slide myself into a darker color casually, but now the metallic paint (which I never use) is at the point, taking up real estate. If I may, I think the Artrage 2 setup was a thing of beauty,... Even the style of the tools is much preferable to the brash realistic tools of Artrage 3. 10f4db&t=4f59fdf4&o=471E9D09DF85125B3AE89D2FDD2CF9 204306CA5DD79D134225E9F2699D67E559381E9C15DF85&n=U ntitled-2.jpg&i=1

    I guess it's a style choice, but artrage 3's interface is hindered by what I think are impractical floating icons, the color picker featuring unnecessary arcs, and I really liked that zoom where it was, together with the rest of the options beyond the basic tools.

    But that's just me... I'm new to Artrage 3, so this is to be expected... But man, I gotta hand it to you, Artrage 2 felt so simple, comfortable, and unobtrusive. I really got used to that.

    I really hope a 'classic' interface, becomes an option in a future update!

    It wasn't tearing my system up too much... I was in a large file and just moving around the view, but I was also playing music and had a bunch of tabs open. I guess Artrage 3 is a little more system intensive than 2.. I was kind of low on disk space also, so maybe that was the problem.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help! I'll do my best to get used to Artrage 3, which looks like it has a lot of great new features.

    I guess I can't post images yet, but you could put this in the address bar if you want. It's a tiny sample of what I've been working on recently. 55ca49&t=4f5a013a&o=F74FE1CEADD841F8DAD2F87F6FA795 02A202E19BA8C210E0C5D397392FEC897B884FE0D2ADD8&n=u ntitled-paul.jpg&i=1

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    Yeah lots of spare HDD space for scratch disk is very important.

    here's the link to your recent work:-
    which is absolutely delightful.

    With the style and beautiful linework, I think you'll find the new improved inking tools will give you a lot of fun.
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juz View Post
    With the style and beautiful linework, I think you'll find the new improved inking tools will give you a lot of fun.
    I agree

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