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Thread: Against the wind

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    Nov 2006

    Against the wind

    I walk at the edge of the forest when a cloud came and run down me because i was on its way. I told it that the nature belongs to the clouds and to poeple.
    It doesnt appreciate my answer and produced a strong tempset. With my camera i took some pictures with difficulties, but here is a exmple.
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    experience comes from bad judgements, good judgements come from experience (old wise indian proverb)

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    Jul 2006
    Love the wind being so strong it pulls the very light.


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    Jan 2007
    Montpellier, South of France
    I love it.
    Fine colours and the light is beautyfull for me.
    I like to be in the wind when this one is not too strong.

    Very nice painting.

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