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Thread: Back home from surgery....

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    Back home from surgery....

    Back home
    I had my surgery March 1 (Thursday) and released to go home March 3rd (Saturday). I've spent most of the time since returning home in bed, including today. I've never been so exhausted in all my life...

    I finally had enough energy to fire up my computers and drop in to see how things are going....

    The incision is about 5 to 6 inches just under the belly button going towards the groin. The cut is held closed by staples. They will be removed this Friday by my family doctor... In two weeks time the decanter... I have no problem with the walking decanter that is attached to my leg calf but the larger one for bedtime is a big pain....

    The only real problem I've had so far are periods of coughing from the anesthetic. Apparently while I was under they put a tube down my mouth to help with breathing and it's left some type of residue (lubricant for tube) in my air passages... On Saturday I coughed for
    a good 3 hours steadily causing great pain to my incision area. Holding a pillow taught to my stomach did help some...

    In 6 weeks time my surgeon will be getting the results back from the lab at which time he will further discuss my cancer...

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    6,177 glad your back and appear to be doing as well as can be expected... still thinking of you and sending you healing energies...

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    Good to see you back Ken and hope that you will feel right as rain in no time at all. Just do as you are told and dont do to much. Thanks for letting us know how you are. Think good thoughts and all will be well
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    Good to hear from you Ken, glad to hear that things are going to plan.
    Look forward to seeing back up and painting on the forum.

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    Glad to hear you are home and all went well and are on the mend. Continued health to you Ken.

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    Well wishes and good speedy recovery wishes headed your way.

    I just recently had major surgery myself in Jan, but still recovering and healing due to secondary infection. I'm still tired a lot, but moving around a little bit more and a little easier each day. I have been battling a slight cough too, so I know your pain well.

    Take care and blessings

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    Ken, glad to hear your home and doing ok, sending best wishes for a great report from your doctor
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    It is good to see you are on the mend. The body is a marvelous thing, it will work at healing and in time you will be feeling a whole lot better.

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    Hi Kenmo sorry to read about your pain. I hope you have a speedy recovery and good news from your doctors, all the best wishes.

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    All the discomfort passes quite fast Ken...............keep getting better Mate..........Good to see you back!!

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    Best to you

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