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Thread: Reference Image Location

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    Reference Image Location

    Lately I've taken a liking to closing the Tool panel into it's pod form, and using the left side space of the screen for my Setting and Preset panels. The only thing hindering this set up, at the moment, is whenever I bring an image in as a reference, it is automatically thrown in the same corner, and ends buried beneath the panels. So I then have to move the panels, and then the reference (to where I like them on the upper right side of the screen), and then reposition my panels again. So my suggestion would be, to have ArtRage remember the last location a reference was placed, and assume that this is the location a user would like them to appear in the future. That, or maybe a way to choose the default screen placement.
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    Excellent suggestion.
    I'd like to see it taken even further with the ability to save custom workspaces.
    The setup i'd use for sketching would be completely different than for watercolour etc and the ability to fast load up a custom workspace with my own preferred setup of all pods/palettes would be a joy.
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