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Thread: Prints with black background

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    Prints with black background

    I just downloaded the free version 2.2 of ArtRage. When I try to print to my Epson 4000 (or Preview) in Mac OS 10.4.8, I get a black background and my "painting" in strange colors that have nothing to do with the colors on screen. Am I doing something wrong?

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    There is a known bug in ArtRage 2.2 when used on an Intel Mac, in certain combinations of printer drivers and versions of OSX. (and very annoyingly to me it was exactly that combination that occurred when I was trying to demo how great ArtRage 2 looks in print when I was showing it to the HP guys at MacWorld. Argh!)

    Technical explanation: Intel processors access memory in a different way than PowerPC processors. Additionally, some printer drivers expect data in one byte-ordering way, and some expect it in a different way. So as programmers we have to do 'endian' conversions on the graphics data to switch from ARGB to BGRA or ABGR or from whatever it is we're using to whatever it is the printer driver wants.
    In certain combinations ArtRage gets it wrong.

    Note that we will be releasing an update to ArtRage which will fix this problem (hopefully!).
    In the meantime, you can export your painting as a .PSD or .PNG (which are both lossless formats, so you wont lose any quality). Then take it into another application and print from there.
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