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    Layers Question

    Hope this is the correct place for this, and have not been able to fin via "Search".
    When I create courses using eLearning software, the concept of "Layers" is one that allow me to place objects "in front of" or "behind" others.
    I cannot get this to function in AR 3.5.4.
    If, for example, I create and populate a stencil of an object, I then create another layer and just airbrush it all one colour, I would expect to be able to sequence so thet the airbrushed layer sat "behing" the stencilled one, as a background. I cannot seem to make this sequancing happen.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Layers in ArtRage work just like they do in Photoshop: If you paint on a layer then create a second layer and paint on that you can change their order in the layers panel. Stencils sit on top of the whole canvas so they don't move with layers, but the contents of the layer should overlay correctly. Could you send a painting with sample of the problem to and we can look at that and let you know what's happening.
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