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Thread: First post of a piece by me. Inspired by Screenpainters abstract.

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    Cool First post of a piece by me. Inspired by Screenpainters abstract.

    Painted with a mouse using ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 on a Toshiba laptop

    I really enjoy the community but atm I just lurk I am very busy with business things but gradually finding more time for Art. I would like to take a formal class or find some good video tutorials on basics to get better.

    All critique welcome.
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    Great start, glad you decided to join us and come out of lurking

    Love the hello all artists text and would like to welcome you to our artrage family in return
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    Great start and lovely to see you joining in too. Its a fun place to be
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    Very nice starting piece I look forward to seeing more from you
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    thanks for the tip of the hat. first time I think i have seen anyone use that welcome sticker besides me. I recently found the most amazing app for ipad called TypeDrawing... what a kick and it does way better than I ever did with making a sticker do it. It takes whatever you type and makes a brush out of it.
    You will be amazed at how artrage helps us to grow with art. I would say you are off to a good start. glad you came out to play. look forward to more.
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    nice work. interesting colors and composition ... like your use of text in the work.. looking at works by screenpainter is an education ..

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