Just bought ArtRage after playing with the freebie for a day. Very impressed and looking forward to the advancement of this app.

My main gripe right now is this:

My Genius tablet has a pretty high pressure threshold even when it is set to it's most sensitive settings, I really have to press too hard in most cases to get the sort of stroke weight I want in ArtRage. It's not fun to draw when you are pressing so hard that all the fluidity in your hands movement is impeded.

I know ArtRage already has some pressure related options per tool. What I'm hoping you could implement very soon in the future is a general tablet pressure multiplier setup page, so I can get my light pressure tablet strokes to be translated in ArtRage as much heavier.

With the way I use my tablet, it's pressure usually variates between 0 (no pressure) and 400 (pressing hard) bits of the 1024 my tablet offers. So as you can see my tablet's control panel sorta blows, and I need some software side assistance!

Of course there are other suggestions I could make about things I would like to see but this is at the top of my list so I will cross my fingers and hope you can help me!