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    I'm with Eddie. I'd buy it. I'd hang it. I think your dialect is fine and your music seems to be enjoyed by many so play on. I think you just know the right rifts to play. As far as the barn pointing off canvas... one's eye can follow the slant of the roof back into the composition or take the horizontal line expressway works as well.
    I think the artist runs into trouble in going too close to the edge of mixing the literal with abstract because then it becomes too easy for the critic to dismiss, and or, ignore it. I don't see this as any kind of new direction, but rather the same wonderful instruments you play very well. Picasso got to the point where a scribble or jots would suffice and so did Matisse and Chagall. I totally disagree that art must somehow make some profound comment. Picasso's most profound statement was in Guernica, but certainly doesn't dismiss the whole body of work that makes no social commentary at all unless it is about endlessly chasing skirts or fighting bulls.
    If art is a visual music...I don't hear any notes off key in this work at all.
    Most likely the only mistake I would say was in naming it. You stated the obvious, after the fact, which really is not the strength of the picture. Like MSIE pointed out, the last thing noticed was the barn. Had you named it the intrusion or the conflict... or encroachment or echoes of my past, and then left out the part about venturing into expressionistic landscape (when did you leave?) we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.
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