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Thread: Fuzzball

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    I don't think they want to play. Better run little troll.
    (I uploaded a corrected version, my shadows didn't show up the first time)

    Crayons and markers...too much fun SCP.
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    How cute Sandy! And so well done!
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    After Nine!!!!!!!

    Hahahaha. Only kidding. . .

    I remember the girls in my grade school had these little fads back in the 60s. They were never this cute.

    Adorable scene.
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    I remember those little troll dolls as a fad in the sixties yes. great job Lexi.

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    Fantastic, it sure does bring back some memories.
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    Neal, thanks so much! This was so fun to do. My shadows didn't show up though, don't know what happened. I will try to upload another.

    Haha, thanks D Akey, I almost uploaded him in the after nine just for humor!
    This one evolved a little-another finger, another toe, a few more lumps...and best of all his arms and legs will move.

    Hi Albert, I have a collection of them. Totally love them. I am thinking of adding a shelve above the mac here of some of the kids toys just for drawing practice. Thanks sweetie!

    Hi dear Saphire, doesn't it? I remember my oldest sister had some of these on her dresser. She collected them also. The volkswagon beetle, the trolls, flower power....the albums...I came into the world in the early sixties, and my oldest sister was a teenager. I envied my two sisters involvement during this time in history. The best music...fantastic clothes, the hair. Now here we are reliving it all-haha.

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    Sandy, your troll is a sweetie nobby knees and all , I once went to a bingo hall and was amazed at the number of trolls holding down the corners of the bingo cards

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    your troll baby makes me chuckle .. what a cutie!

    as a child, I was not allowed to play with those troll dolls at home - my parents thought they were ugly but of course all my friends had several of them and we had a lot of fun - I liked them more than barbie & ken
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    Even when you are fooling around and playing you create something lovely Sandy, well done
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    What a nice and weird troll, naked and with bubos. As a commercial product it would certainly make a great doll series!
    Fantastic image again!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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