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Thread: Wintab, Realtime Stylus, Multitouch & Wacom drivers

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    Exclamation Wintab, Realtime Stylus, Multitouch & Wacom drivers

    Hi !
    I am using Artrage on a tablet pc. It is the Samsung Slate Serie 7 wich have windows 7 multitouch and Wacom technology.

    Here is my problem in Artrage :

    With the default drivers, stylus presure is recognize but at a low level. I have to press a little more than usual. Multitouch is also supported and I can zoom and move the drawing place.
    Apparently, it is "Realtime Stylus" wich is used because presure works when I disable "Wintab" but it doens't work anymore when I uncheck "Realtime Stylus".

    So I installed the Wacom driver to have a correct presure and to be able to calibrate and configure my stylus.
    Then, it is "Wintab" that is used for presure sensitivity because when I uncheck it and i let "Realtime Stylus", it doesn't work anymore.
    So, when i check "Wintab", presure works, but I am not able anymore to zoom and move the drawing place with my fingers. It only draw lines on the paper... And if i uncheck "Wintab", presure isn't recognize anymore but I am able again to zoom and move the drawing place.

    So, is there a solution to have Wacom drivers on a tablet pc with the multitouch support for zooming and moving ?

    Thanks a lot !!


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    Hi Jude,

    The reason that multitouch is not working with the Wacom driver installed is most likely a conflict between the manufacturer's driver and the Wacom driver. Wacom drivers will only support multitouch on a specific Wacom tablet because they use their own multitouch system rather than the Windows internal system.

    The only way to have both systems is if the drivers work together correctly. On some systems this works, on others it doesn't, unfortunately it depends entirely on the drivers.

    We have had reports from some users that drivers were updated for their particular hardware which fixed this and we hope that over time the situation will resolve itself. In the meantime, just in case, make sure that you have the latest input driver for your mancufacturer installed.
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