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Thread: Extra dab at end of strokes

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    Extra dab at end of strokes

    edit: Doh! I coulda sworn I was browsing "Suggestions" when I posted this. Could a mod move this?

    Having updated to 2.2 after a fair bit of time neglecting ArtRage, I've noticed that one particular issue has remained since the very first ArtRage: I still get an extra dab at the end of my strokes sometimes. It's not quite a 100% thing, but it's often enough that it's quite distracting. This has occurred with both my TabletPC, as well as my Intuos. See pic for an example.

    I'm guessing that AR is occasionally misinterpreting a double signal, or alternately, is occasionally reading the lifting of the stylus as an erroneous signal. Note that a dab occasionally registers when I click on something in the menu (ie, I'll click on a toggle, which closes the menu, and also leaves a dab of whatever the current tool/color is).

    Any chance of this getting fixed?

    edit: It appears this also happens with the mouse as well. With the mouse I can't actually see the extra dab, but it takes 2 undos to undo a stroke when the extra dab does happen.
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    Hi there,

    Sorry that this got missed. I've just moved it to the technical forum for you.

    I'm not able to reproduce this behaviour here on my test machines so far, but if it's not too much trouble, could you send am email to with as precise steps as possible to reproduce the problem, e.g. starting with a blank canvas, using a specific tool at specific settings and what you need to do to observe the problem?
    Also, if you could send the general specs of your machines that would be helpful. Reproducing it with the mouse seems a good first step.

    If I don't see it here we can look at what the differences are between our setups to hopefully come to an understanding of why this is happening for you.
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    I accidentally stumbled across this forum note. Doesn't it looks kind of similar to your problem?

    Also try to google 'press and hold tablet' for more information. Apparently the press and hold feature sometimes get interpreted as a right click. Just an idea.


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