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Thread: Red Flower Fabric Design/ and Scarf

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    Hi Neal, thank you! I really enjoyed this one as well. I am having a lot of fun lately. Seems my left side of my brain is taking a break. I think that is it- the right is more artistic? or maybe the whole thing is on break.

    I like this very much E+. I wanted to make more of a rim or detail on the hat, and the collar was lacking as well-great idea, and thank you dear!
    I sure won't be sending a kick your way, unless we square dance or something. Just meet me at the phone booth by Buckingham Palace next Friday about 8ish and wear blue jeans and boots-don't want to look out of place. Remember the steps or we might end up in my hometown with a mason jar of moonshine back in the twenties. I don't know about you, but I just couldn't take that again. Darn those time travelers. Everything is so darned hard these days.

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    Hi Alex pleased you wasn't upset as for meeting you at Buck House

    i'm not so sure I still remember the last time the trouble I got into

    yeah and thats not forgeting that bloody ROSE I quiet like

    the thought of the moonshine but only if its served in a Tiffany glass

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