More of a comment on interfaces in general, not Art Rage specifically.

I understand the conceptual reasons for always locating Save and Load right beside each other in the GUI, as they are two sides of the same coin. But in practice, they are diametrically opposed actions, and performing one while meaning to perform the other can be disastrous. When going through the GUI, it is inevitable that since they are in such close proximity, sometimes your aim is off a hair. You might activate the wrong function, and even with "are you sure" prompts, sometimes the wording only differs by a single word. If you are in that trance state you get into after working for several hours, it may not register until you've committed a terrible error.

I wish, in all my programs, if the the two functions must share the same menu, that they be at completely opposite ends of the command list, so you had to make a much more deliberate motion to select either one. In Artrage in particular, I am often working in photoshop format, and sometimes run into trouble with "Export Image file", and "Import Image File" being right on top of each other.

Just a couple pennies.