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Thread: Colored Pencil Effects & Solvents: wish list

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    Colored Pencil Effects & Solvents: wish list

    I did not know where to put in a request for additional features so i thought i wold start here:

    Do you think that you guys would ever consider adding features for colored pencil painting.

    Right now you have the ability to color lead which gives the effects of a pencil like a Col-Erase or a Verithin pencil. But colored pencil are usually wax or clay based pigments so the effects rendered are different. Wax based pencils work very will with solvents too.

    I am looking for something along the kinds of effect that can be achieved with sets like Prismacolor (sanford) and Derwent. I think what you have now will work for these if they pencil is tilted.

    But true colored pencils are transparent and they layers create their unique properties. I can this be achieved with what we have now?

    OH--colored pencils are NOT crayons--that is an entirely different bird.

    Lastly, I would like the ability to use solvents with the colored pencils--turpenoid or turpentine would be ideal. This will lend a painterly effect as well.

    well lastly, lastly--it would also be nice to have a color wheel reference (i am new here so if you have one tell me where it is. :-)--something that tells me the primary, tertiary and complementary of a color)

    To give you an example of the effects that I am looking to produce--here is a link to aritst Arlene Steinberg... She create grisaille using complementary colors and achieves amazing results--she is considered a master in CP circles. Here is the link:

    Thanks for listening.

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    Hi Jayd.

    There is a "suggestions" forum a couple spots down on the main page, which is what you were looking for, I think.

    Re: Color Pencils.

    Artrage can create a wide variety of effects with pencils, more than sufficient to recreate the type of work in the link you provided, but it will require some experimentation to find out what best achieves the result you wish.

    • For softer, more "transparent" pencils, turn the Pressure setting in the pencil settings menu way down. This, with a soft touch, will allow you to create layers of pencil "washes".

    • Likewise, turn "precise" mode in the settings menu on, and set smoothing to zero (otherwise, it will auto smooth your stroke, which may alter the shape and cut into performance). This makes a slightly softer,smoother stroke I find suitable for blending or filling in large areas.

    • The pencils can achieve a very waxy, crayon type stroke, by turning the pressure up, and increasing the stroke size. Pencil strokes can even be smudged by the palette knife tools.

    • If there is too much grain in your strokes, adjust the canvas paper settings to something with a finer grain, or turn down the roughness till your stroke is as smooth as desired.

    • For a solvent-like effect, like with turpentine, select the "wet " effect variant of the palette knife tool, and turn the Pressure setting way down to almost nothing. This will fill in your pencil strokes and give them an almost watercolor like effect without obliterating them like it would at full pressure.

    Like I said, it will take some experimentation, but once you have a pencil that is achieving a desired effect, save it as a preset to be instantly recalled in the future.
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    perfect! and thanks for moving the page. I'm off of experiment!

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