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Thread: Any tips for avoiding slowness of big files?

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    Any tips for avoiding slowness of big files?


    I am doing a painting which is 1920x1080, it has loads of layers, groups, stencils.. and all sorts..

    It is getting really really slow to do general operations like make layers.. (Ive got a quad core with 16GB memory)

    its not too much of a problem, i love artrage so much and i can cope with it slowing down with big files, and its very stable, it never crashes...

    but just wandering, has anybody got any workflow tips to somehow stop it from slowing down so much?

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    If you're using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro, make sure you are using the latest version ( 3.5.4 ) as versions after 3.5 have multiprocessor support which increases performance of systems with multiple processor cores.

    Otherwise, 1920 x 1080 isn't terribly large in terms of dimensions. The following may help:

    -Close down background programs in case one of these relates to the slowdown
    -If you have imported stencils which are huge images, these will be stored in memory so could be taking up resources. If you don't need to leave the stencils open, closing them by right clicking the stencil and choosing 'remove stencil' may free up resources.

    If you can zip your painting file to 10mb or less, feel free to email me a copy to together with a couple of examples of where it's particularly slow and how long it's taking and I can take a look at it for you. If it's larger, you can email me anyway and we should be able to sort out a way of getting hold of a copy of the file.
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    Hi Dave, thanks for the response...

    i have minimal background programs running and am using 3.5.4, but in have imported quite a few fairly high res pngs for stencilling (1600x1200)

    also i just counted and i have a 176 layers! that can't be helping much .... its quite a multi leveled painting with colours on top of colors

    also I have loads of ref images...

    but the particular thing i am doing i need to finish off today to send to somebody.. so once ive done ill take you up on your offer and send it to you..

    its 103mb at the moment, so doubt it will zip under 10mb.. but i can make a download link on a website...

    though as its 103mb, maybe that suggests the file is just too big in general which is causing slowdown which i guess is to be expected..

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