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Thread: Eye dropper/color selector bug

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    Eye dropper/color selector bug

    Theres seems to bug whenever I try to select a color. On the right bottom corner for example, would say I have the color red but when I'd use a brush or something it would come out as my previous color. It takes selecting a color twice before the app registers it.. Making the app unusable to me without getting incredibly annoyed.

    I have literally all of the drawing apps for iPad, but ArtRage goes unrivaled for paintings. My apologies if a fix is already in the works. Idk if the issue exists for the iPhone version.

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    I can't replicate the problem you're describing but if you are using the oil brush with AutoClean turned off you may find that paint that you previously had on the brush head is still there for a stroke or two. If autoclean is turned on, please let me know what method you're using to sample colours and I will see if we can replicate the problem here.
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