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Thread: Color of object is lighter at top than bottom

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    Color of object is lighter at top than bottom

    When I create images, there is constantly a difference in shading from top to bottom - especially pronounced when printing... any suggestions on where to look to change this??? Thank you for your time and assistance...

    Example Image attached
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    Press f5 to turn off canvas lighting.
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    ArtRage uses 3D light rendering to mimic the feeling of true media. So basically, there's a virtual spotlight, being thrown onto the canvas, which is why it appears as though the colors at the top of the canvas are brighter. As ScottC mentioned, this light rendering may be turned off. However, it will also cause the canvas grains, and thick paint textures, to appear flat. Since it looks as though you've used a metallic paint in the example you posted, I'd say that you're going to loose a lot of detail, if you turn it off.
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    The Shadow...

    thank you....and to make the light even for printing...
    i don't want it dark at the bottom. i am using art rage 2.5 right now.
    again thank you and...when i press the f5 it opens the stencils..

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    F5 was assigned to turning on/off the canvas lights in ArtRage 2.5. You may have the Function Lock on your keyboard turned off (which could be triggering another function).
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