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Thread: Save MOARA Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2006

    Exclamation Save MOARA Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Dave,

    I understand that you need to make space for the new forum sort of as a reboot.

    However, I would earnestly request that you keep the MOARA thread intact in its entirety. It's history of the many users who have participated since the inception of the forums. And many new users can draw inspiration from the good feelings that have always existed among the community. It would set or maintain the tone.

    Since there are many people who have come and gone in the forums, it also works as something of a tribute that the users helped to create the good buzz about the program.


    ADDENDUM: This is what it's about: They are going to erase the forums before 2010.
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    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Akey, interesting that you raise this issue. My best opinion is that no one's data should be erased. To this purpose, and some time ago, a year or two, I tried to do an iconography compilation study with images of the first published threads . But it was impossible ... everything had been erased ... there was not a preserved archive.

    I do not know how much money or, what is the operational difficulty involved in the maintenance of a perennial archive . But this type of file would have an inestimable ArtRage historical value.
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    Not sure what this is. Have I missed something important? Sounds like it.

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, please don't erase any of the MOARA thread. It was started by our dear friend Oriane as a tribute to the artworks of a few members of the forums and with his help and others too it has grown and grown as another place of friendship. Although some of the artists have gone on their way their great works of art still remain with us through MOARA.
    MOARA has a heart and a spirit that should always burn brightly and does so throught the wonderful friendships that exist therein.
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    Apr 2007
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    I have been pretty saddened by the news and I suppose there are only a platoon of of us left around who really have such deep sentiment about the history of the forum. So it doesn't really mean a lot to the majority of the new artrage users. Unlike Deviant Art or Flicker or Wet Canvas that can use advertising income and or membership sales to buy more server space I understand from a business perspective that it becomes an unjustifiable expense to keep paying for more and more server space. Wish there were a solution. Things cost money to operate and we have been very blessed to have had this treasure for as long as we have. I recently went back and read the very first posts. What an amazing thing that was to see Andy so excited about his new software and conversing with the very first members like Fashmir, Enchanter, D Akey, Waheed Nasir, Jack, Jules, Selby, Maror, Sweedie, Hannz, Phil, Peter, etc. it's a beautiful thing to have that recorded. The pictures were a bit rudimentary and it was a hoot to read about the different things people wanted for tools. D Akey wanted a rag to blend paint for some reason. (priceless!) I guess the palette knife hadn't been invented yet. Anyway, I hope before they wipe it out that they do archive it some way. They were just coming out with artrage 2 at the time. I didn't see many pictures back then at all. And there probably wasn't any user galleries. Nowadays it is a huge amount of space for images being uploaded and with more and more users it incrementally gets harder and harder to justify the expense of tech support and server space. I get it. But we don't pay anything or have to look at ads. Look around the internet and we will see the opposite. To watch a video on youtube you get an ad first. Places that are ad free charge a monthly or yearly fee. It just makes sense business wise that it is an increasing expense that none of us would like to pay for.
    But please for the sake of the history of the artrage forum save the Behind the Brush thread and the Moara thread and Ambient Spolight. A lot of love and effort went into the Moara thread and it isn't really a lot of pictures since each artists' gallery is a compilation of their pictures into one picture.
    It is the images that are the problem I would think taking up all the server space. If we could find a way to put our images on another site like Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa and just link to them in our posts. Would that be a viable solution? to saving server space? the text of the posts wouldn't be that big of a problem I am guessing.
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    This is definitely for me an object lesson in attachments.

    I never thought that the glitter tool could be used to simulate Buddhist sand painting and we could export it to Photoshop and apply the motion blur.

    After around 13,800 odd posts, one gets lessons in attachment. This is so 2012. Cue the Mayans. Tell Jules there are probably some skins they have left over. <sigh>
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    I have just gone through the Moara thread once again, please, please Admin keep this thread intact.
    Christine.(Paint what you see, not what you know to be there)

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    Apr 2006

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    This makes me think, we need some sort of ranking for the posted images and threads. It would be better decision-making aid than calendar date of posting.

    The thought to give in exchange some real good (but old) masterpieces for something, what's is just newer... is horror sort of.

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    Old threads that have not had any activity for a long time are the ones that will be considered for removal. Any thread that has been active in the last couple of years is safe from removal. We're also not looking at removal of any stickied threads, and at the moment we're looking primarily at the gallery forum where the majority of the heavy data usage is found.

    We certainly don't want to go erasing forum history, but we do have to be conscious of how hard it becomes to manage the forum database when we're looking at backing up or upgrading.
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