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Thread: Flowergirl (I don't know how to proceed)

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    Flowergirl (I don't know how to proceed)

    I'm not sure how to go with this. I really like the general feeling, but it feels flat to me. On the other hand, the foreground is already taking up a lot of space, so I'm not sure how to effectively do a middle ground and a background. I want to reserve some space on the right to have a flower looking at the girl.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
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    An idea

    Please take this as a grain of salt

    Your color pallet is missing quite a few ranges/mid/darker tones. The reason it is looking flat is because your primary character has more developed tonal ranges vs the overall picture. I would address the light source primarily.

    I would crop and reduce your primary subject, in the foreground since you are wanting a flower to be introduced take the base color and make it muted and have larger flowers in the front but out of focus. (you could also carry this idea into the background)

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey thanks for the feedback. Didn't think anyone would respond. So you're suggesting that I push the girl further to the back? And then give more tonal range to every other thing in the foreground and middleground?

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand the "address the light source" and your last statement as I'm a beginner. Thanks.

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    when you are doing a figure and you are going for some realism, even in a fantasy, you would probably benefit highly from using references. a few flowers to look at. pick a girl reference and choose a pose for your figure. benefit from the use of a thumbnail sketch that evolves into a drawing. without the sketch the planning of the composition is going to be hard. maybe the girl will be in profile and face the flower in profile? looks like you are aiming to have her being grown out of a flower? is that so?

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    there is a saying that we have in the graphite world (non digital) and this "don't be afraid of the dark.

    You are trapped in midtones. Try establishing your darkest dark and then decide on your lightest light. These will be your beginning and ending values.

    then create values that fit between the two from light (beginning) to the dark (the end).

    This will help you to develop a much richer project.

    By the way, the painting is very very cool! :-)

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    Smile Learning by reading

    I wanted to thank those who responded to the original question. I would have liked to see an updated painting using the suggestions offered .

    I am taking a class on Art Rage and hoping that my art will improve! I learned something from you all today and really appreciate your willingness to share!

    When I get brave I will post a painting!


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