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Thread: Font selection could be improved

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    Lightbulb Font selection could be improved

    I read the turorial Entangled Type today and tried something similar. I discovered that the font selection when using text in Art Rage Pro is very soberly equipped.
    1. When selecting a font in the list a preview on screen (preferable IN the drawing) would be great.
    2. After choosing a font (the only way to judge the right choice as it is now) the list defaults to the top and when the selection flip menu is opened again I have to scroll down again. A section with last chosen fonts would be a small help but restoring the last location in the list would be better (however I don't know if this is possible in the Windows GUI).
    Selecting a suitable font (by eye) from a long list is a quite a task now.

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    I agree wholeheartedly. The font previews should be included in selection and adding a auto font stencil with capability to move/position/rotate/and apply tool i.e. chalk, paint brush, calligraphy the font as desired. This would be extremely valuable in making quality words on pictures, at the moment it seems only possible to make font stencils via another drawing program and saving it as a .png then importing, this is not ergonomic.

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    I've got a big font collection, and in desperation I created a laminated list in a table with all the unusual ones. Each name is printed in that font. Now I can choose my font with ease, then just scroll down and find it. Took me about two hours, but it's been worth it! I think it's even easier than an on-screen preview.

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