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Thread: Scrapbooking Frame Grn1

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    Apr 2006
    Neal, I think I found an inexpensive way to scrapbook-lol. Create a theme digitally and insert my digital photos in a fun way! Back up on CD and print when I am able. Cool way to send digital Christmas Cards too!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments dear friend!

    Hi AT, I missed you. Glad to see you back, and thank you!

    Hi Albert, I appreciate your time and nice comment. The pen and it settings, and duplicated and flipping is such a useful design tool. You can then use it for stencils, etc...
    Good grief, the things that can be done with this software is amazing.

    Thanks so much dear Jean!

    Here are two little precious souls looking through the garden.
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    Rome (Italy)
    I guess You're finding fun in simmetries in these days. A promising direction to furtherly enrich Your images.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Apr 2006
    I was always fascinated with Celtic designs, and with AR it is so easy.
    There are those times when doodling is conversations with parents.....bad day with the family.....
    This was one of those days. I just thought that maybe something productive would come from it...and it did!
    Thanks Cesare!

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