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Thread: Messed up and forgot to ink on the top layer...

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    Messed up and forgot to ink on the top layer...

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Of course it is asking for help.

    I have StudioPro, full and registered version, 3.5.4.
    Running on Windows Vista.

    Soooo, I got very involved with my sketch in pencil. I lightly clicked the next layer to put in my inks, but I didn't pay attention, and I never actually changed layers. I inked in and realized I just drew over the pencils in the same layer. If you guys have ever used painter, you know that you can use the eraser tool and it will erase the pencil lines under the ink, even when you are in the same layer (like real life!).

    Apparently, not so in Studio Pro. Is there any good way to fix this mistake? Is there an option to make pencil and ink interact the way they do in Corel Painter? Do I just have to zoom in and erase all the pencil? Ughhh! I'm so embarrassed.

    Thanks for any help. I think this is the proper forum to post in.

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    Did you record it with the script recorder, by chance? If so, there's an easy fix. If not... You're stuck having to erase the pencil out, or you'll have to ink over it again.
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    Noooo. No, I didn't. Aggghhhhhh. Oh well.

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