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Thread: Regarding forum privileges

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    Regarding forum privileges

    Hey all, my name is Max and I'm new to the forums. I joined in hopes of showing my ArtRage art to the wonderful talent on here while picking up tips and tricks. I do everything on my iPad. I don't have casual access to a pc at home, so I handle everything on my tablet. My main point is that I can't do attachments to my posts on the iPad. On other forums I'd upload my pictures to photobucket then paste the img code in. I don't have the privilege to do so because I don't have enough posts. I also noticed that I'm still listed as a guess.

    So I'm wondering, how many posts does it take to unlock certain privileges? When does the guest title go away?

    I don't want anyone thinking that I'll be post boosting lol, I'll get there when I get there, but I'm just curious

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    Welcome to forums Max_O.

    From what I recall, the forums have been experiencing some issues for new users, which is why your post count is showing up as not available ("n/a"). The AR team is working on a fix for it. The amount of posts needed to hotlink to outside content is pretty low (10 posts, if memory serves me right), but with the bug in the system, I'm not sure if it's actually tracking your post count, at all. In any event, I'm sure one of the AR guys will stop in, and sort it out for you soon. They usually give users a privilege jump, when they're certain the member is an actual person, and not just a Spam bot, lol.
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    We're almost done with the fixes, the member area linking system showed up a few problems and I think most accounts should be back to normal now.
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