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Thread: Hate to ask...

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    Hate to ask...

    I like how simple the iPhone version is so I hesitate to ask you to load it up with features but I miss the paint bucket I use on iPad very much... I use it to play with color schemes by paint bucketing oil brush work so if it was possible for iPhone I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    The iPhone version does contain a fill tool. If you look in the tool picker you should see if there.
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    Hi. Thanks. It is that the settings on iPhone are either to narrow or too broad for my personal use. The default on iPad (10% irc) changes the hue of areas of similar color of oil brush but on iPhone the bucket fill either doesn't capture a full brush mark but rather just very uniform pixels in it or else tint/floods the whole image.

    Here are variations of a painting on ipad:

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    Because you have fairly subtle differences in your paint strokes in the example painting, the granularity of the presets is probably too great.

    It's possible that in the future we'll be replacing those presets with a tolerance slider. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Thank you

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