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Thread: Bad news today - I got cancer

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    Bad news today - I got cancer

    Just got off the phone with my doctor. Apparently I failed my prostrate test and I have very early stages of cancer....

    I feel bad for my father who is taking this really hard, especially after just losing my Mom on December 7th from this dreaded disease...

    His secretary will be in touch with me tomorrow...



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    So very sorry. Not what you both need to hear at this time, but you have caught it early and prognosis should be favorable. Do your research . Many people have just changed diets, like juicing, etc. Keep positive thoughts, as I will for you. Prayers coming your way, Gail

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    My thoughts are with you and I know you will overcome this! Think positive thoughts!! Al

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    So sorry to hear this Ken but being caught early is a good thing and makes treatment so much easier. Think positive dear friend.

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    It's in the early stages. That's a good thing. Be well, Kenmo. Best to you and your dad, and the others involved. Blessings to you all.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    I wish you and yours strength, I think you are "lucky" to have found this in an early stage. Positive thoughts, and our prayers ,together with the medical aid should help you to overcome this.
    Hang in there, and try to stay in touch here
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    Hey Kenmo.

    I can not emphasize this enough but try looking into some serious dietary alterations, you might want to look into being a vegetarian but if you like meat, try and seek out grass feed organic meats. Increase the veggies to. Juicing is great. Seek out veggies rich in color for juicing. Colors tell you that they are rich in nutrient density. The idea is to have a diet as close to the earth as possible, minimal processed foods and purchase foods with less ingredients, the less, the better.

    If you can afford some organic foods, try that if you can. Most Cancers are based on lifestyle/diet. There is plenty of research to back this up and most doctors will not tell you this because our medical industries are bought out by big pharma/government/corporate medicine. There are cures for all Cancers but imagine if that was universally accepted. The industry would loose a lot of profits and support from third parties. Mass amounts of Vitamin C intravenously alone can kill Cancer. When the body is detoxified and oxygen rich, Cancer cells can not propagate in such an environment. Cancer cells love body fat, congested intestines and high levels of toxicity. Cancers is the body telling you it is putting up a fight and to win you have to detox and make those cells hate your body.

    Plenty of physical activity and fresh air is also very important.

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    Our Prayers are with you, Ken!

    Dear Ken,

    My Family and I, we pray for your quick recovery! Get well soon!

    Rajesh and Family

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    Dear Ken
    My prayers and best wishes are with you

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    Hi Ken, so sorry to hear your news, you have caught it early, think positive it is beatable.

    Christine.(Paint what you see, not what you know to be there)

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