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Thread: General Question about ArtRage

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    General Question about ArtRage

    I'm looking for illustrator software to illustrate a children's book that I wrote. I'm wondering if ArtRage would be good for that. I need to put a lot of text on the page. Can you add text with ArtRage? Or can I do the drawings in ArtRage and import them into my Word document? Thanks for your input!

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    I've not done it myself, but Nick Harris (AR member name: Nickillus), and Jon Hodgson (AR member name: JonHodgson) have used ArtRage to do illustrations for magazine print, and the like. Based on that, I figure it'd be possible to use ArtRage for book illustrations. I know some other users have posted illustrations they've made for their books, but I don't recall if they were intended for print.

    ArtRage Studio and AR Studio Pro have a text feature, which is useful for basic stuff (Pro has a few more features open, I think). However, you'd probably find that using other programs, made specifically for graphic design type of work, would be more beneficial if you're looking to do anything fancy. But you can always use ArtRage for the illustration part, and then import that image into a different program to add text to it.
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    The full version of ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro can export a range of file formats including png, jpg, tiff, bmp so you may be able to import these into your word documents.

    We also have a demo of ArtRage Studio Pro which can be downloaded from which may be useful for previewing the features in the software.
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    I think, as suggested by others, that the most prudent thing to do is to draw the images in ArtRage and then import them into your document. The reason I support this approach is that it maximizes the capabilities of each.

    Managing your text with your word processing software gives you the most flexibility in both paging and editing of your text. If you make some of the text part of your drawing you then loose the flexibility of editing and managing the flow of the text.

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