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    The Pier

    Longing for the beach.

    The second one I do like better. Just need a few more tweaks here and there.
    Thanks Neal!
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    Very nice Sandy, and it will be time soon for the beach

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    Me too Sandy, But I know this: In the summer I wish it were cooler and in winter warmer. Fall and Spring must be the best!
    I really like that great Pine in this scene. I do think you should move the Pier more off center and make it a lighter color or make the water lighter. After all the Pier is the subject of the theme but it's hard to see. Just a suggestion.
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    Thank you dear Pat, I am so looking forward to it!

    Great advice dear friend. I tried just this, but did not think of lightening the water. I also thought of the pier being off center-will try this and upload a revision soon. Thanks again Neal!
    I am struggling so with water and mountains. I want to print of Peter's tutorials and keep practicing.

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    Nice work Sandy ,with your mountain painting problems look for some reference to help you.Mountains in the distance change value and colour because of our atmosphere.Great tree.

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    hey Alex thought you were having me at it again there's me straining mr optic's and brain screaming no Pier when i spotted a Landing
    stage indeed to goodness gracious me I didn't no that was called a Pier
    you learn something every Day ----E/S

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