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Thread: Pressure/Brush Size.

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    Pressure/Brush Size.


    Just wondering if anybody knows of a way to control the size variation with pressure when using the standard oils brush? I know if I reduce pressure on the dial it will do this, but then I also reduce how thickly the paint is laid on. I guess I'm wondering if there's an option anywhere to set the minimum and maximum size with pressure. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Also another question, rather than start a new topic, sorry, I'm playing away with the software here, but does anyone else notice that when you use the precision crosshairs cursor, and paint with the oil brush, that your stroke will begin quite a few pixels from where you first apply pressure with the cursor?

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    The pressure curve is locked on the brush so there's no minimum and maximum setting. Because pressure with a real brush head affects both the speed at which pigment is placed on the canvas and (to a smaller extent) the size of the bristle-footprint as they displace the two are linked in the simulation.

    The gap between the input point of the brush and the start/end of the stroke is a requirement of rendered stroke systems. In general, strokes made with a fluid motion should look fine but if you slow down you'll start to see a gap between the two points. The start of the brush stroke depends on the size of the brush head as it makes its first impression, which is defined by the pressure of the stroke, so slower strokes (which tend to have lighter pressure) may look further away from the initial point than faster strokes which have heavier pressure and 'smoosh' the bristles in to the surface harder.
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    Hmmm, it does make delicate work that bit more difficult, I'd like to see some kind of bristle stiffness setting in that case. Thanks for the reply Matt.

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