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Thread: Erasing grain (paper) Q/prob?

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    Erasing grain (paper) Q/prob?

    I dont know if this is the write section to head to.
    but just a while ago i was drawing (using 2 layers), & when i erased my drawing(in any of the layer) (using pencil) the grain (part i erased onlu) becomes square checkeered gray coloured. like what happens when you turn off all the "eye" button on the left top of each layer.
    and i tried to fix this, but it didnt work. I mean i know you can just cover it with paint or something that blends with the paper. but it would bring me inconveniences. so anyone ever having this problem before? and how would you solve it ? tq.
    i use artrage 2.5 wacom ver. full ver.
    windows 7 starter.
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    This generally means that your canvas has been made transparent, or you have moved the bottom canvas layer and deleted it. If you use the arrow next to the bottom layer in your layers panel and select 'Edit Paper Settings' from the popup menu you can then make the paper on that layer opaque which will reintroduce a canvas texture beneath everything.
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    Thx. i didng really get the transparent thing but i played with the settings a bit(mostly the opacity) made it to 100 and it's ok now.

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