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Thread: American Government to Censor internet

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    American Government to Censor internet The American government wants to censor the internet. If you live in the US please take a moment to sign this petition to help stop this from happening. Also if you have the time contact your local officials and let them know you oppose this. Thanks. These law's would allow them to issue lawsuits against many of the Social networking sites on the internet and shut them down. So much for freedom of expression and speech. They have their plates full with fixing real problems like the economy they can get back to stealing our liberties when they figure out that problem!

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    Our solidarity, dear mate, even if nobody can apparently make US Governement reason from abroad, since they don't consider at all foreign voices ...
    This initiative makes the pair with the Assange affair, where they likely set up a persecution mostly because Wikileaks made them do a poor figure worldwide. The so called secrets they revealed were well known and often widely heard gossips.
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    I signed. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes I'm surprised that they allowed the internet to last for so long

    as the people of the world are begining to talk to one another and they

    can't have that other wise the old saying Divide and Rule wont hold

    water ( as you know ) splitting countries into smaller segments

    makes them it easy to control and (we all know ) that the

    .................... United Nation's is a Farce

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    I'm with you ER. I won't use Facebook because of issues that people have written me from France.

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    Thanks Mr Robot. Good to bring awareness to the situation.
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    I oppose any move to curb the rights!
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