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Thread: Is ArtRage for the iPad CPU or GPU driven?

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    Is ArtRage for the iPad CPU or GPU driven?

    I was just curious about this because I know other programs utilize the GPU of the iPad to speed up certain functions and I was wondering if you guys over at Ambient Design were already utilizing the GPU for processor intensive functions in ArtRage like when using the watercolor brush. I know you guys recently rewrote the way the color blending system in the desktop ArtRage works to be better and faster. Was that one of the functions you rewrote to work on the GPU and are you slowly rewritting other tools and functions to use the GPU?

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    Because we're tracking more than just colour it's not possible to use the GPU to accelerate the blending. Applications that just drop 'stamps' of flat colour on to a flat surface can use it, because they are inherently very simple processes, but when you're tracking paint volume as part of the blending model as well as rendering a stroke along a path the GPU isn't going to be able to help.

    The blending system generally works faster on your desktop machine because desktop machines are generally faster than the iPad, with more memory available. We don't use the GPU there either for the same reason.
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