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Thread: Surface Texture Changes

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    Surface Texture Changes

    Regardless of the canvas or paper texture I choose, I notice that the texture is consistent over three-fourths of the canvas, and then it smooths out in the bottom, righthand fourth of the canvas. This seems to hold true regardless of the tool I'm using (oil paint, watercolor, etc.). Has anyone else noticed this? I can show an example if everyone promises not to laugh at my lack of skill.

    Edited: I'm working on the latest iPad version of ArtRage on an iPad 1.

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    The texture of the canvas should still be there over the entire surface, but the slight lighting gradation may be making it look as if it's vanishing. If you take a crayon and turn the pressure down, then shade over the whole canvas, does the texture come through over the entire surface or does it vanish as you go down and right?
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    I did as you suggested, and yes, the texture appears over the entire canvas. The "vanishing" texture was an optical illusion. Thank you for taking the time to explain!

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