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Thread: Newbie problem, what size to make images ?

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    Newbie problem, what size to make images ?

    Hi guys, first post, be kind!

    Im not new to art, but new to digital art. I have Artrage, i love what it can do but im really confused about this - if i want to do a picture, and make the image file a certain size that can be used to being printed really big (4'' by 3'' for example) or small - with excellent detail, what should i make the settings?

    What dpi should use? or do people go by screen size? I just dont want to do some art im proud of, only to find out the file isnt any good for printing out via 3rd party printing firm at a big size etc.

    Please help!


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    DPI is a really confusing subject because the answer to your question depends entirely on the output medium.

    If you're displaying art on a screen, generally you should work in pixels rather than real world units of measurement, but as soon as you look at outputting your work you need to look at the device that will be printing it.

    DPI basically measures how many pixels get packed in to a single inch of paper by the printer. So let's say you have created a 1024 x 768 piece of artwork (a reasonable resolution for something to be displayed on a screen) and you have it set to 100DPI for printing: You'll get a 10.24 x 7.68 inch printed result.

    100DPI is a bit low for most printers, which will generally work from 300DPI to 600DPI, so find out what the DPI resolution of your print device is before setting your painting up. 300DPI seems to be a good basic standard for good print quality.

    So a 4" x 3" image at 300DPI will be 1200 x 900 pixels in size. That's generally a completely manageable size for most computers.

    Hope that makes sense!
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