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    I have been using artrage off and on for a couple of years now. I mainly use Corel painter with a little artrage. There are many things to love about artrage and I dearly want to use it more.
    The addition of applying paint to the palette knife tool rather than just moving colour around was a great addition to artrage to the point and it temptingly perfect for us people who love to paint with just a palette knife BUT it is just one step away from perfect.

    Please please please add palette knife rotation support for the 6D art pen.

    If it where included I for one would use artrage as my main painting software. The ability to rotate the palette knife tool by rotating the pen would give awesome control and feel and surely that is what a software paint package should give..control.
    I am in a very difficult position with painter and artrage. Painter brushes respond to pen rotation but the pallets knives are not very natural. Artrage has awesome palette knife effects the way is scrapes paint around but there is no pen rotation.
    Please please consider adding art pen rotation to the palette knife tool

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    This is definitely on our list of things to look at as we revise the product. Can't say more at this time!
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