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Thread: Technical problem with adding a second monitor

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    Technical problem with adding a second monitor

    I have been using ArtRage 3.5 for quite a while, with no complaints or worries.

    Recently I've added a second monitor to my PC setup. It's configured to display ArtRage on my second monitor (which was my original first monitor) and since then, particularly when using the pencil tool for rapid sketching, ArtRage seems to jump or skip so that a smooth circle winds up more of an octagon - as though it's run out of memory/processor power to do what it's doing, although it never did this before.

    My PC setup is as follows:
    Windows XP service pack 3
    Intel Core Duo CPU (2.80GHz)
    3.5GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX graphics card
    Wacom Intuos 2 graphics card

    Has anyone else encountered this sort of issue?

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    Couple of possibilities here:

    First up, could you try it with ArtRage back on the first monitor and see if it does it there too?

    If it does, then it could be a tablet setting or something slowing the computer down. The only tablet setting that should affect this is the Precise Tablet Mode switch in the Input settings of the Preferences Panel. Make sure that's turned on. If it is turned on and it still does it, check to make sure that nothing else is running in the background in case input is being slowed down.

    If it doesn't do it on the other monitor as well we'll have to look in to it closer. There shouldn't be any issues running it like that so we'll have to do some troubleshooting.
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