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    Unhappy ArtRage Lighting

    Hi, I would like some help!
    I don't know how to change the lighting on ArtRage.
    I first found out the lighting was different when i ran a white paint/pencil line from the top to the bottom, the top of the canvas is lighter than the bottom of the canvas which is really affecting my pictures!

    If anybody can help me with the lighting I would really appreciate it!

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    The light rendering may be turned off, but it should be noted that the lighting is what gives the canvas grain, and thick paints, its natural looking 3d appearance. Turning it off will make things appear quite flat (see attached image, for examples). However, this is exactly what some people are looking for, so here's how to do it (for both ArtRage 2.5, and the Studios):
    ArtRage 2.5 Method
    The light switch feature for AR2 was an undocumented addition in this version. So the only the way to switch it off, or back on, was to hit the F5 Key.
    ArtRage Studios Method
    Open the Canvas settings panel (View > Canvas Settings), and toggle the light bulb icon off (it's to the upper left side of the Opacity dial).

    A shortcut key may also be used. It's the F5 key for me, but I don't recall whether that's the default key for it, or if I had set it there out of habit, due to having grown so used to it being located there in AR2.
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    Thank you!

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